How to Demolish House Safely

When you want to renovate your home completely, the thing to do is unload the house thoroughly. It seems easy to destroy a house, yet house demolitions, actually, have a risk of accidents significantly. Then the demolition of the house should be done with special techniques for the safety of people in the vicinity.

The first thing to do is cut all systems and electricity. To be more convincing, ask the provider of your electricity to ensure that the electricity has been cut off. The aim is that at the time of the demolition, no one is exposed to an electric shock.

The next is to make sure that the house was completely empty of occupants and their furnishings. The parts of the house that get dismantled first are the door, window sills and other elements that can still be used. Then, you can demolish all parts of the ceiling and electrical wiring.

After that, you can dismantle the roof. You can also remove the tiles from the roof frame one by one followed by dismantling the roof frame. Demolition of roof truss made of wood should be more careful because there are a lot of spikes that can injure the hands or feet. Also pay attention to a sitting position when unpacking, do not occupy parts are connected with the part being removed.

After the roof is uncovered, it is time to dismantle the wall. Preferably, it is better to demolish the highest wall first. Prior to dismantling the wall, you can pour the water first to minimize particles of dust. The most important thing when dismantling the wall has estimated the direction of the fall of the wall so as not to damage the building and those around him.

The hardest part in dismantling the house is when you remove the constructions made of iron bone. This part takes a long time and has to go through a complicated process. If the demolition of the walls is finished, it is time to disassemble the floor and foundation in the ground dug by making advance around the house. So, when renovating the house, you have to make sure the demolition of the house does not injure a person or damage other buildings by following the appropriate steps.