What to Consider for a Good SEO Provider

Many people say do not judge a person from the view outside. For many cases indeed wise words that could apply. But when we talk about a service from companies or individuals then, of course, they should be able to present their services properly. As for the companies or individuals providing SEO services like the Jasa SEO Jakarta, you have to pay attention to the structure of the website such as the use of the codes like HTML, H1, H2, meta tags, and etc.

You have to consider also whether the websites of the SEO service providers are easily accessible or not. If the website is difficult to access, often down, or loading very heavy, of course, is in need of your question. People who know about SEO certainly understand that loading a website that weight will affect SEO. How can SEO services provider provide good quality services to the customer if the site itself is difficult to access? So, when looking for an SEO provider, you also have to consider the display of the provider’s website.